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A ministry service provided by:
A ministry service provided by:

Student Minstry Pastor


Full Time


Department: Student Ministry

Location:       BridgeWater Church, Hamilton, Ohio

Position:        Pastor to Students 7th-12th grade and their families

Reports to:   Family Life Ministries Pastor & Lead Pastor

Classification:  Full-time


Why this is a great opportunity: 

The student ministries position is an incredible opportunity because of the impact this leader makes on the students entrusted to his or her care. At one of the most important stages in a teenagers life, the Student Ministries Pastor has the God-given opportunity to guide a young adult in a life-changing transformational process. This is also a wonderful time in the life of BridgeWater Church to reset and refocus after the global pandemic. Now, more than ever, God needs pastors and leaders who will be change agents for His Kingdom. People need to hear the message of hope that only God can give, and God is calling a SMP to take our team and our ministry to the next level.


Job Description and Responsibilities


Personal Qualifications:

  • Committed Christ-follower who feels a call by God into full-time ministry
  • Love for teenagers and families
  • Strong organizational and leadership skills
  • Ability to build and lead volunteer teams



  • Oversee all programming and ministry for students 7th-12th grade, including Sunday nights
  • Wednesday nights, summer programming, special events, etc.
  • Choose and prepare curriculum
  • Create environments, activities and programming for teenagers that will facilitate learning and encourage spiritual growth
  • Recruit, train, schedule and lead volunteers
  • Provide care for students and families within the church including hospital visits and follow-up
  • Maintain a strategy for reaching and assimilating new teenagers and families
  • Plan and oversee special events such as Monthly Social Events, Monthly Outreach Projects, Winter Retreats, Summer Camps, International Youth Convention, and Mission Trips
  • Any ministry as assigned by the Lead pastor, i.e. pastoral care, on call, preaching, tech and media, etc.


Position Summary:

The Student Ministry Pastor provides direction and oversight for the entire BridgeWater Church Student Ministry, A.K.A. The Bridge. The Bridge offers full student programming for grades 7th-12th grade on Sunday and Wednesday nights. The Student Ministry Pastor provides leadership, training, support and oversight to all Student Ministry staff both volunteer & paid.  The Student Ministries Pastor works closely with the Family Ministries Pastor and is responsible for the implementation and development of programming for the spiritual formation of teenagers and equipping parents to fulfill their calling as the primary spiritual leaders of their teenagers.


Job Qualifications:

  • Previous experience directing student ministry, including leadership of ministry staff (paid or volunteer staff members and/or a volunteer team of 10+ volunteers)
  • BA or BS degree required; divinity degree desirable
  • Meets Biblical qualifications for pastoral leadership



The role of the Student Ministry Pastor is to provide leadership, development, and direction for the Student Ministry staff and volunteer programming teams as it pertains to the vision, mission and strategy of all environments specific to BridgeWater Family Ministries. The Student Ministry Pastor also provides direct oversight to all students grades 7-12.


BridgeWater Competencies & Expectations:

  • Fully embraces the mission, vision and values of BridgeWater Church
  • Be reliable, take initiative and be self-motivated
  • Embrace and adapt to growth, change, innovation, and creativity
  • Use appropriate judgment in the areas of discretion, sensitivity, and confidentiality
  • Have a cooperative, healthy and motivating relationship with supervisors, coworkers, and volunteers


Essential Functions:

  • Provide vision, strategy, & development for all Student Ministry environments (7th-12th grade)
  • Provide leadership, direction and training for all Student Ministry Staff
  • Review, purchase and oversee the implementation of all curriculums for the Large Group/Small Group teaching environments (7th-12th grade)
  • Recruit and oversee all volunteers providing leadership, training, and, appreciation
  • Develop and maintain safe, clean, aesthetic environments
  • Partners with the Children’s Ministry Pastor/Director to lead 5th-6th grade ministry
  • Responsible for check-in procedures and tracking weekly attendance
  • Meets regularly with the Family Ministries Pastor to discuss ministry strategy and effectiveness


Skill Set:

  • Active and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ, evidenced by action, attitude, and behavior
  • A passion for student ministry and to see families grow in their faith together
  • Experience in recruiting, motivating, equipping and scheduling volunteer leaders to minister to students and families
  • Experience in designing and developing student ministry programs
  • Effective communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal)
  • Ability to reach out and connect with families involved with The Bridge Student Ministry
  • Competency with basic computer software (Excel, Word), and the capacity to learn new software (iMovie, Adobe, Planning Center, others)



  • Reports to the Pastor of Family Ministries
  • Supervises and directs Student Ministry staff
  • Receives support from peers on the Family Ministries team
  • Receives consistent leadership training from Pastor of Family Ministries
  • Works closely with all areas of ministries within BridgeWater Church


About The Community:

Our BWC community is very caring and nurturing. A young pastor and his or her family (if married), will find BWC a place where you can be mentored and thrive. Relationships matter more than ever before, and BWC wants to come alongside our SMP and empower her or him to be all that God desires.


Our local community is also a wonderful place to live because our geographical area is growing. Young families and teenagers are visible everywhere we look. There is no shortage of people or places to connect with and enjoy.

We are a community close to Hamilton, Ohio . We are also a regional Cincinnati church and 30 minute drive to downtown Cincinnati.